How to Unban an IP Address Using IPTables on a Linux Server

In this Tutorial we will explain how you can simply unban any IP address on your Linux Server.

Pro Tip: We recommend you make sure the IP Address in question is IN FACT the one that you want to unban. Sometimes IPTables will ban IP addresses that are in fact malicious, however in some cases especially with failed logins that are indeed benign.

Step 1:     Login to the server as root user

Step 2: Use the commands given below

iptables -D INPUT -p all -s IP.ADDRESS.HERE -j DROP
iptables -D OUTPUT -p all -s IP.ADDRESS.HERE -j DROP

After executing the above commands, you should be able to remove the IP address

you wish from the list of banned IP addresses.

Step 3″ Save and restart the IP tables service by using the commands given below

service iptables save
service iptables restart

You should now have successfully unbanned your IP address.

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