ServerHub Partners with Staminus to provide Enterprise DDoS Solutions to it's growing customer base

“We’ve been working with ServerHub for the past few months on a solution that would fit the unique needs of ServerHub, we were extremely excited to be able to work together and we were able to negotiate a solution that was an exact fit for their growth model. ServerHub is a valued addition to our growing list of protected clients.” Said Bryant Townsend Senior VP of Business Development and Staminus Communications.

Henderson NV - May 26, 2015 - ServerHub, a privately held Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that specializes in dedicated server and cloud based virtualization applications, today announced that Staminus Communications, a leading Cloud Based Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) Protection Service has been added to both Phoenix and Dallas facilities.

“The partnership between ServerHub and Staminus was a natural fit for our growing infrastructure and comes in line with our explosive growth that we have experienced over the past two years. Our global footprint has and will continue to grow significantly, and this addition provides added strength and value to each and every ServerHub customer.” Said Rohip Sidiqi Chief Executive Officer of ServerHub

The new addition in both Phoenix AZ and Dallas TX locations give way to enhanced DDoS protection for ServerHub customers critical infrastructure and also allows customers to choose from various product offerings which range from small attack mitigation and protection, to enterprise level full scale attack mitigation.

ServerHub has made considerable investments into the network in which it operates in Dallas and Phoenix with a complete overhaul which resulted in the company being able to provide some of the fastest connectivity speed within the United States, along with being able to offer up to 20G/sec in network connectivity per server

With this new partnership, ServerHub has begun to offer “Always On” Enterprise grade DDoS protection. For more information about how to subscribe to ServerHub’s DDoS protection please visit:

About ServerHub

ServerHub operates a global Infrastructure platform designed for ultimate reliability and scalability with customers in over 120 countries, setting the standard for the ServerHub 100% Network Uptime Promise. And ServerHub Customer Support staff are always ready when you need them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ServerHub is a privately held Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider primarily located in the Southwestern United States that specializes in dedicated server and cloud based virtualization applications with Data Centers in Phoenix Arizona and Headquarters in Henderson Nevada. The ServerHub customer portfolio is made of a diverse mix from web startups to global enterprises

About Staminus

Founded in 1998, Staminus Communications provides industry-leading DDoS mitigation and secured hosting services to users and companies around the globe. As the oldest DDoS mitigation firm around, Staminus has evolved into the world’s most advanced DDoS mitigation company. Staminus’ flagship DDoS mitigation application, SecurePort was developed over several years and was first released for internal use in 2002, primarily to protect the Company’s hosting clients. SecurePort began gaining traction and recognition in the DDoS defense industry in 2007. Powered by years of industry research, independent design, and the efforts of Matt Mahvi and co-founder Arad Mahdavi, SecurePort has emerged as the most-effective DDoS mitigation technology available on the market.