Dedicated Big Data Storage Servers

Specialized JBOD, CEPH, NFS, Gluster, Big Data Storage Servers at your fingertips
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Big Data Storage Solutions - Intel Xeon E Series Processor Family

  Servers CPU Cores/Speed Memory Storage Bandwidth Port Access Monthly  
1x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 10x2.2GHz 64GB DDR3 8x 4TB HDD w/RAID 50TB 1 Gbp/s $299 Configure
2x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 20x2.2GHz 64GB DDR3 12x 4TB HDD w/RAID 50TB 1 Gbp/s $449 Configure
2x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 20x2.2GHz 64GB DDR3 24x 6TB HDD w/RAID 100TB 10 Gbp/s $699 Configure
2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 20x2.8GHz 128GB DDR3 36x 8TB HDD w/RAID 100TB 10 Gbp/s $1299 Configure

On The Edge Technology and Affordable Prices

Expand your Network Globally!

Rapid Server Deployments

In most cases we deploy servers in under 60 minutes. The only exception is if we don’t have a server in stock or it is a custom order, it may take additional time to be provisioned.

Up to 40 Gbps Speeds

We are all about innovation and are proud to be the first IaaS Hosting providers to offer up to 40 Gbps Network Uplinks on all of our Bleeding Edge Bare Metal Servers.

IPMI / KVMIP / Console

Every Server we offer includes IPMI/KVMIP Remote Console access as a standard. We give you complete control over your server even when you can’t access it via the Operating System

24/7/365 Support

Don't ever panic! Serverhub is here to help you when you need us most. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We are confident that you will love our network just as much as we do. To back that statement up we offer a 100% network and Power availability SLA.

Remote Power Reboots

Every Server on our platform includes Remote Power Reboots, you can soft or hard reboot your server on the fly without the need to contact support. We put the power in your hands. Literally.

One Global Network, Geographically Diverse

An optimized network around the globe, with up to 40G single Backbone Uplinks

Connect Globally

We blend a best-in-class network mesh and mirror it across all our datacenter worldwide. With multiple transit providers connected to each datacenter and tied together to form one globally unified network.

Pricing & Billing FAQ

  • How can I reload my OS?

    Reloading your Operating System is simple on our Platform, we have a wide variety of Operating System mirrors to choose, you can reload your Operating System using the Supermicro IPMI tool or you can request an OS reload directly by opening a support ticket with our support staff.

  • How am I billed?

    Each new service you purchase from ServerHub is billed in advance on a thirty day cycle. If you purchase service today, we will take the first months payment immediately. After that you will be billed every thirty days on the same day until you request to have your services cancelled.

  • Can I get IPv6 on my Dedicated Server?

    Absolutely. ServerHub is one of few providers that offers IPv6 IP addresses as a standard feature. Your Dedicated Server will be deployed with IPv4 address space as default and you can request IPv6 Address space by opening a ticket with our Sales Team, we will provide you with a /64 of Address space without additional cost. 

  • If I power my Dedicated Server is off, will I be billed?

    Yes. When you purchase a Dedicated Server from us, you are being given the exclusive right to use the hardware resources and IP address space. If you wish to turn off your server for an extended period of time we recommend you contact us to discuss cancellation or downgrading you to a smaller plan that fits your needs

  • What is the hardware specifications of your Bare Metal Servers?

    We use only the highest quality enterprise grade hardware for our Bare Metal Servers. Our Bleeding Edge line offers the latest Intel Xeon Enterprise Processors with Kingston and Samsung Memory. We use Seagate and Western Digital Enterprise for our Traditional Hard Drives and Samsung for our SSD drives.

  • Can I order more IPv4 Addresses?

    Yes. You sure can! If your needs for IPv4 address space exceed the initial /29 of address space that we include standard, you can order additional space from us. IP Justification is required in all cases due to IPv4 depletion. Once our IP review team receives and adjudicates your request, the approved allocation will automatically be added to your VLAN once your request has been processed.

  • Do you offer backups?

    We most certainly can! We understand sometimes it may be hard to keep your own backups. We have you covered. If you have specific backup requirements, contact our Sales Team and we can work on custom backup solutions to ensure that you always have incremental data available to you when you need it. 

  • What forms of payments do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. At this time we do not accept any other payments including BitCoin. We do take wire transfers in exceptional cases.