Network Promise

Our Commitment To Quality Network

Our Network Promise

With access to our state of the art datacenter with multiple redundant upstream providers and knowledgeable staff, at our US and Canadian network Operation Centers, you can take comfort in knowing that your data will stay connected.

The ServerHub® Network - Our commitment to quality of service

Network Performance Promise
As a premier data provider, it is our mission to maintain our network in such a manner as to provide to all customers the best possible performance and access to the Internet. As a commitment to our customers, we promise to provide the following minimum service levels in any given month. Ideally we strive for 100% uptime. However in some cases due to unforeseen circumstances 100% isn't always possible.

We Promise
  • 100% guaranteed uninterrupted transit to the Internet
  • 99.9% uninterrupted power guarantee
  • Zero packet loss internal to the ServerHub® network

In addition to the above network promise ServerHub® takes all possible measures to insure all customer traffic reaches its destination in a timely fashion comparable and within reason to any other carrier in the area. These measures include the manipulation of routing tables so as to direct traffic to the Internet using its best possible upstream link.