File Storage: What is it and How Does it Work?

ServerHub Knowledgebase Article on File Storage Systems and Cloud File Storage.

We all have computers: desktops, laptops, Windows, Mac, and we’ve all gotten used to their Storage Systems. You have a folder for your videogames, a folder for your pictures, a folder for each application or software that you use, and inside each of those folders, you have the files you need to access the data … Read more

What is Cloud Object Storage & How does it work?

ServerHub What is Cloud Object Storage and How does it Work? Article Explaining Storage Pools and Cloud Object Storage

Data is infinite.. sometimes its capacity reaches numbers beyond Terabytes and even Petabytes. In cases such as this when the data is ever-increasing in huge numbers, regular methods of storage start to become very costly and, in prospect, eventually obsolete. This is where Cloud Object Storage comes in. Also commonly known as Object-based Storage, Cloud … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Remote VPN & Site-to-Site VPN?

As we all know, Virtual Private Networks come in two different types: Remote VPN and Site-to-Site VPN. Though they function in completely different manners, those two types, have a lot in common and sometimes even serve the same functions. In this article, we will dissect each of the two VPN types, explaining what they are, … Read more