Complete Guide on How to Install PHP Extensions on Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is popular for web development, server hosting, and other applications. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is widely used for web development and is extensively supported on Ubuntu. In this article, we will discuss what are PHP extensions, and the advantages of installing them on Ubuntu. We’ll also … Read more

Learn How to Install, Configure, & Run PHP on Ubuntu Server

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language that was created by programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1993 and released in 1995. In this article, we’ll discuss an overview of PHP, why you need it for your Ubuntu server, and the steps on how to install, configure and test the configuration of PHP on an Ubuntu … Read more

How to Install PHP on Ubuntu 20.04? Step-by-step Easy Guide

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PHP is a simple, secure, flexible, and efficient open-source language. Standing for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, it is the most used programming language worldwide. Able to integrate into HTML, PHP handles the connection between your web pages and databases. After installing Apache as a web server, and MySQL as a database system. The scripting language, PHP, will process … Read more