Electronic Threats

Legal Policy & Agreements

Threats through Electronic Emails or Web Postings

A threat is a declaration of intention to inflict punishment or harm on another.

ServerHub® policy prohibits member-to-member threats of physical harm via any method including, phone, email and on our public message boards.

If you have received a threat of bodily harm from another member through email, please report it using the report link at the bottom of this page. We need the full header of any email you send as evidence because it may enable us to trace the pathway of the email. You can review what a header is and how to locate it. If you have trouble finding the email header, we suggest that you visit SpamCop, a site that contains information on how to obtain headers for many email clients.

1. Some Examples:

"If I don't hear from you by tomorrow, I will come over to your house and break your legs."

"Pay me now or I'm coming over with my brother and we'll personally make sure you pay - and you know what I mean by 'pay'."

Threats of bodily harm should be immediately reported to your local law enforcement authorities. In addition to contacting law enforcement, you should consider contacting your local phone company if the threat was made via telephone and the other member's Internet Service Provider (ISP) if the threat was made through email communication. If, through the email evidence you provide, we confirm a serious threat of physical harm was made, the offending account will be indefinitely suspended.

If you engage at anytime in this activity, your account is in violation of this policy.

2. Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Account Suspension
  • Referral to Law Enforcement
  • Account Termination

If you have additional questions regarding this policy or wish to report this type of activity to us please feel free to contact us.