Previously Suspended User

Legal Policy & Agreements

Previously Suspended User

A person suspended from ServerHub® loses all membership privileges. A suspended individual is not permitted to participate on the ServerHub® site using any existing account, or to register new accounts with ServerHub®. A suspension from ServerHub® may be for a fixed length of time, indefinite, or permanent. Suspensions remain in effect until removed by ServerHub®.

1. Some Examples:

Joe had an ServerHub® account. Joe violated several policies and as a result his account was suspended indefinitely. Joe then registered a new account with ServerHub®. Registering that new account violates this policy.

Kimberly had two ServerHub® accounts. While using one of her accounts, Kimberly violated ServerHub® policies. As a result, that account was suspended. Kimberly then switched all her activity on ServerHub® to her second account. Using that second account during her suspension violates this policy.

2. Why does ServerHub® have this policy?

The success of our marketplace is dependent on trust and transparency. This policy helps protect the community from individuals who do not behave as responsible members. When ServerHub® acts to suspend a user, ServerHub® is suspending the individual not just a specific account.

3. How does ServerHub® actively enforce this policy to ensure compliance?

As we are committed to the safety and security of our network, from time to time ServerHub® will take appropriate steps to ensure contact information that is submitted to us is valid and that no previously suspended accounts exist.

Accounts are selected at random and investigated for compliance with this policy, if an account is in violation of this policy through our proactive investigations, depending on the account we may place temporary account restrictions or suspensions until the offending member has resolved all outstanding issues which led to the initial suspension.

It is also general policy that we investigate and scrutinize accounts that are opened within the first 60 days of registration to ensure that this policy is strictly enforced.

If you engage at anytime in this activity, your account is in violation of this policy.

4. Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Limits on Account Privileges
  • Account Restriction
  • Permanent Account Suspension

If you have additional questions regarding this policy or wish to report this type of activity to us please feel free to Contact Customer Support.