Restricted Account Information

Legal Policy & Agreements

Restricted Account Information

From time to time ServerHub® at its discretion reviews user accounts for the safety and integrity of the ServerHub® community, as well as policy compliance.

If at any time during our review, we find an account in violation of one or more policies we may find it necessary to temporarily limit certain sensitive features on your ServerHub® account.

1. Here's what you can do during a restriction:

Review your ServerHub® account to ensure you are in compliance with all ServerHub® Policies. If you account was restricted for repeated late payments ensure that you are not in arrears of your payments.

You will be required to make full payment of any overdue balances in order to be considered for restriction removal.

If your account was restricted because you are over your allotted bandwidth, you may purchase additional bandwidth or wait until your billing cycle ends.

2. What happens next?

We will review accounts again after the specified minimum of days. If the level of satisfaction with regard to the account has not improved significantly, further action will be taken, including the suspension of all ServerHub® accounts.

During your account restriction, the following services may be restricted from use:

  • FTP
  • SSH
  • CPanel, ClientExec, Plesk, DirectAdmin (If Subscribed)
  • Uplink Bandwidth restriction (Max Output 128Kbps)

Furthermore, accounts on restrictions will be unable to access your server via root, through SSH or your control panel.

3. Appealing your Restriction

If you have experienced a restriction and wish to appeal it, please include any relevant information and reply directly to your restriction notice or Contact Customer Support