Service Non Payment (SNP) Policy

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Service Non Payment (SNP) Policy

At ServerHub® we are constantly striving to ensure that our members abide by our payment policies, while still preserving Trust and co-operation in the marketplace.

Our recent numbers show that the bottoms 5% of customers repeatedly become delinquent or fail to pay for their services that have or are being provided to them.

In an effort to cut down on the administrative burden of the collections process, we have designed a program that places restrictions on habitual violators of our SNP Policies.

If user education fails to incent improvement after restriction, the member is ultimately removed from the community indefinitely.

1. Some Examples:

Joe had an ServerHub® account. Joe always paid his account, but was always 3 weeks late posting payment on his account. Joe is in violation of our SNP Policy.

Kimberly had two ServerHub® accounts. While using one of her accounts, she would pay her bill on time on the due date. As a result, that account was in good standing. However, Kimberly then did not pay her bill at all on her second ServerHub® Account. Kimberly's membership is now in violation of ServerHub® SNP Policies

2. Why does ServerHub® have this policy?

The success of our marketplace is dependent on trust and transparency. This policy helps protect the community from individuals who do not behave as responsible members. Removing members from our community who do not abide by our payment policies allow us to focus more on providing Customer Support for service issues, instead of to collect monies owed due to past due accounts.

3. How does ServerHub® actively enforce this policy to ensure compliance?
What causes a restriction?

A Restriction may be placed on a user account if any of the following occur:

  • New accounts have a record of 1 or more late payments in the first 90 days of activation.
  • Existing accounts have a record of 2 or more late payments in a rolling 180 day period.
  • Options accounts have a record of 3 or more late payments in a rolling 180 day period.
  • Your account is past due more than 7 days, but less than 14.
  • You made payment arrangements with Customer Support but failed to honor them.
What happens next?

Depending on the severity of the SNP violation, restriction limits will be placed on the account, ranging from an informational notice with a specified review date, to more significant actions being taken such as account limitations. In any case, during an account restriction customers will be unable to subscribe to additional services until the restriction has been lifted off the account.

Members will have the opportunity with their restriction to review their habits and make corrections in order to provide significant improvement. If significant improvement occurs, the restriction will be automatically removed during the specified restriction review date

If significant improvement does not occur during the initial review, additional action is taken to incent improvement, which ranges from an escalated account restriction with secondary review, or a temporary or indefinite account suspension.

If you engage at anytime in this activity, your account is in violation of this policy.

4. Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Limits on Account Privileges
  • Account Restriction
  • Indefinite Account Suspension
  • Referral to a Collections Agency
  • Assessment of a Security Deposit
  • Account Termination

If you have additional questions regarding this policy or wish to report this type of activity to us please feel free to Contact Customer Support.