What are the Types of Operating Systems (OS)?

ServerHub Article - What are the different types of operating Systems (OS)?

In this article, we will go through the different types of Operating Systems (OS). As you all know, an Operating System (OS) is a software that manages a computer’s memory, hardware, software, processes and functions as an interface that can be used to access and use other software on the computer’s system. Therefore, the operating system serves … Read more

What is an Operating System (OS): Definition & Functionality

What is an Operating System (OS): Definition and Functionality article from the writers at ServerHub

Every managerial program has a task to run. A calculator allows you to use your computer’s processing power to perform mathematical equations, a Control Panel allows you to access your computer’s settings as well as make changes, and the Command Prompt allows you to input code to make actions and call data. Like all of … Read more