How to Install PHP on Ubuntu 20.04? Step-by-step Easy Guide

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PHP is a simple, secure, flexible, and efficient open-source language. Standing for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, it is the most used programming language worldwide. Able to integrate into HTML, PHP handles the connection between your web pages and databases. After installing Apache as a web server, and MySQL as a database system. The scripting language, PHP, will process … Read more

How to Install MySQL on Ubuntu? The Proven 2021 guide

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We all know by now that MySQL stands out as a competent database for TOO MANY projects! Regardless of your business size, MySQL can deliver unmatched performance at the lowest prices. Consequently, it is the most popular open-source database globally, a more reason for learning how to install MySQL. Additionally, it is commonly installed as part of … Read more

How to Install Apache on Ubuntu? The Comprehensive Guide

How to install Apache on Ubuntu

According to the Apache software foundation that was established in 1999 based on individual donations and corporate sponsors, Apache is open-source software that runs on 67% of the world’s web servers.

Able to meet the needs of many with reliable security and incredible speed, Apache became the most extensively used web server around the world.

Additionally, Apache is used by the majority of WordPress hosting providers to freely turn computers into HTTP servers so people can request them as websites over the internet.

What Is Ubuntu Linux And How To Install It

Beginner’s Guide: What Is Ubuntu Linux And How To Install It

I am because we are. That’s what the ancient African word Ubuntu means. Known to be the world’s most widely used Linux platform, Ubuntu first released in October 2004

In this guide, we’re going to install Ubuntu onto your computer. It’s easy to use, easy to install, and includes everything you need!